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Multiplicity and Co-morbidity


During a couple of perhaps misguided attempts at demonstrating my empathy for multiples, I brought up my own mental issues. I didn’t think about it too much at the time, but in some replies to that (and since in other posts I read) it seemed not uncommon for natural multiplicity to exist alongside neurological or psychological conditions.

I would be fascinated to hear how multiplicity interacts with other things, for instance; if the host, or a prevailant member of a system has a disorder like, say, Social Anxiety, are other members unaffected? Is it uncomfortable for them when other members front and do sociable things? What about a problem caused by a physical or genetic abnormality, do all headmates present with the same symptoms?

If the host is autistic, do other headmates place differently on the spectrum? Is the host their baseline or are there some totally non-autistic (“allistic” I think?) headmates? If the host is paranoid-schizophrenic, will other headmates be aware of hallucinations or delusions? Would voices only exist to one member, or would they be able to interact with the whole system to some degree?

I guess I am interested because headmates are presented as fully formed personalities, individuals in their own right but for their sharing a body. With a condition that affects only the personality and has no physical basis, I can see it only affecting one headmate; but conditions with a basis in physical changes in the brain should surely cause effects for the whole system. They are seperate “people”, but they all have a common brain, so are they all affected to the same degree?

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